Black Friday Arrives Early for Obihai’s VoIP Adaptors

Obihai Technology is offering its OBi100 VoIP adaptor at very attractive prices through, and it’s slightly more powerful brother, the OBi110 VoIP adaptor, at an unreal bargain to those willing to embark on a scavenger hunt at a Fry’s electronics superstore.
OBi Turkey
First, the easy one: From midnight Nov. 18 through 11:59 pm Nov. 20, the OBi100 is available on Amazon for $34.99, $9.00 off the device’s regular cost. This is the lowest price the OBi100 has been sold at since it hit the market in April.

A bit more difficult: If you live near a Fry’s, or are making a trip to California’s Silicon Valley that includes the obligatory tech-head pilgrimage to Fry’s, you can pick up the OBi110 for $69.99 (UPDATE: The OBi110’s price has dropped at Fry’s stores to $59.99). Though that’s more than the $49.99 Amazon price for the device, Obihai has a sweet deal for those who purchase their OBi at Fry’s brick-and-mortar store (not through Fry’s online store): Send the company a copy of your purchase receipt and you get a second OBi110 for free.

The catch? Because Obihai has not yet released the OBi in retail packaging, finding it at Fry’s may be challenging. Look for the device in an unmarked, white box somewhere in the store. Good luck!

Here are Obihai’s instructions to get the free OBi110:

1. Go to any Fry’s Electronics retail store and buy the OBi110 (UPC: 804879286677). Save your receipt.
2. Send e-mail to: with the following information:

  • Your name and the address to where Obihai should send your OBi110;
  • A scanned copy of your Fry’s receipt clearly showing the OBi110 item and price;
  • A scanned copy of the end box label of the OBi110 you purchased at Fry’s.

3. Restrictions:

  • Offer is valid only for an OBi110 purchased and taken out of the store before 11/27/11;
  • One free OBi110 per household;
  • Offer is valid only for in-store purchases at Fry’s Electronics;
  • This offer is not valid or available if purchase is from;
  • Free OBi110 must be shipped to a US address (APO is OK).

4. Once your information is received and verified, it may take four to six weeks to receive your free OBi.

For the VoIP user looking to install OBis in separate locations for free point-to-point communications and service sharing, the two for one deal is a bargain.


  1. Felix Rabinovich says:

    By the way, Fry’s price for OBi110 is $60, not $70 (at least in Southern California). So, you essentially get two 110’s for $30 each; cheaper than Amazon’s price for 100. If you can find use for 2 units – and you live near Fry’s – that seems to be the way to go…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Felix, you are right. Fry’s dropped the price and it is now noted in the post. Thanks for the heads up.