No Surprise: Google to Shut Down Gizmo5

You can add another reason to purchase an OBi110 Analog Telephone Adaptor.

In a few weeks Google is shuttering the Gizmo5 VoIP service it purchased 15 months ago, killing off the only product offered by the tech giant that could link its Google Voice calling service with other ATAs and IP PBXes, such as Asterisk.

Gizmo5 announces its closure on the site's landing page.

Gizmo5 announces its closure on the site's landing page.

That leaves Obihai Technology’s OBi110 (and soon-to-be-released OBi100) adaptor as the only relatively simple tool allowing the use of Google Voice over handheld telephones. (How To: Use Google Voice and OBi for all your calls.)

In an email sent to Gizmo5 customers, Google announced “we will no longer be providing service starting on April 3.” Calls will no longer be possible over Gizmo5, including through ATAs and PBXes configured with the service.

Google purchased Gizmo5 in November 2009 from VoIP (and MP3) pioneer Michael Robertson, and quickly integrated much of the acquired technology into Google Voice. An interesting account of the Gizmo5 acquisition appeared on Robertson’s personal blog last month.

Once much of Gizmo5’s functionality was folded into Google Voice, the decision to close the service had been widely expected.


  1. Saran says:

    Free Google Voice (voip/sip) setup :

  2. 4myphones says:

    HELP!!! i have been Voiping for over 6 years now (anyone remember StanaPhone or FWD when it was FREE)
    i am an early user of Google Voice (from the beginning of Grand Central) and have paired it with Gizmo all has been good

    Now i am Overseas (you can use Google Voice just fine Overseas but you cannot sign-up for GV Overseas) the one thing i cannot do is use GV in Gmail which is easier then using GV

    i am looking for a easy to use Proxy to be able use GV in Gmail any ideas

    for those of you looking for FREE alternatives to Gizmo (though IMO Gizmo is the best) they are
    Whistle Phone
    Voxox (no ATA)
    all of these FREE AND EVEN GIVE YOU A FREE US # that will allow you to forward your GV calls to but IMO Gizmo was the best am i missing some other good ones

  3. sa says:

    Free Google Voice Setup…

    If you are familiar with VoIP concepts (not for beginners) then setup SIP calls like

  4. David says:

    There is hope!

    After digging around try

    Their rates are cheaper, have ATA support, a dial in number only costs you 99c a month! No expiration on credit, plus they have local callin numbers where you program to dial preselected numbers.

    You can beat the greedy google rats!

  5. Poyntek says:

    You can still use Google Voice in combination with other free VOIP services to make a free phone line for your home or office if you know how. read this…

  6. Howdy,

    Asterisk 1.8 is a relatively simple, and free, tool for connecting Google Voice / Google Talk to other protocols (SIP) or services (your PBX). See for the details.


    Malcolm Davenport
    Senior Product Manager
    Digium, Inc.

  7. Rergler says:

    Why do people think Google will allow the Obi to continue to be useable with google voice?

  8. FunVirginian says:

    The government – Congress in particular – The President and CEO’s all have but one motive in mind, to line their wallets. The US has never been more corrupt than it is now in the form of our leaders.