How To: OBify Your IP Phone (No Asterisk Involved)


Do you have an extra line sitting empty on that IP phone on your desk? Here's an idea for it: Use it to make and receive Google Voice calls by linking it to an OBi110. Setting up an IP phone-OBi connection will also allow you to dial other OBi users directly and easily give the IP phone incoming and outgoing access to a PSTN line — including regular landline emergency 911 calling — with no other hardware needed. Follow along, and you will: Have incoming calls to your … [Read more...]

OBi110 Back in Stock, But Hurry

Obihai's powerful OBi110 VoIP adaptor is back in stock, but it's anyone's guess for how long. The $50 adaptor, developed by the engineers behind Cisco's SPA series of VoIP adaptors, has been flying off the shelves at Amazon and other retailers, largely as the result of a slew of positive write-ups about the device's ability to deliver Google Voice services to any standard telephone. The OBi's popularity has led to some less-than-scrupulous retailers working through Amazon to sell the device at … [Read more...]

Despite Egypt Crackdown, Protests Grow and Communications Flow

Arbor Network's graph shows Internet traffic crash in Egypt since Jan. 27.

As millions prepared to gather in Egypt's streets Tuesday the country's ISPs and mobile communications carriers faced near-total shutdown status. Despite government efforts to restrict communications however, Al Jazeera,Twitter, Google and little-known Meedan -- a digital "town square" for sharing conversation and links about world events (where all posts, from headlines, to articles, to comments thereon are mirrored in English and Arabic) -- formed the world's last best conduits for … [Read more...]