Voxbone Gains iNum Traction, Reports Solid Growth for 2010

Voxbone, the Brussels-based company working since 2008 to develop iNum (an area code for IP Communications within the +883 global country code created by the International Telecommunication Union), reported solid year-on-year revenue growth Tuesday and indicated the telecommunications market continues to see increased demand for VoIP-centered innovations among global carriers and both mobile and fixed network operators. The company reported revenues 38 percent higher than in FY2009, while … [Read more...]

Google Voice Offers Mobile Number Porting

Google Voice

In a move certain to substantially shake up the Voice over IP space, Google announced today that it will begin to allow users of its Google Voice service to port their existing mobile phone numbers in the United States to the service. Currently, Google Voice offers completely free calls throughout the US and Canada. Also free are premium incoming call services including full voice mail, voice mail transcription to text, call forwarding and others. The company announced in December … [Read more...]

How To: Use Google Voice and OBi for all your calls (free)

Setting up Google Voice with the OBi device configuration tool

Over the past few years, the VoIP do-it-yourself crowd has built — and shared with others — ingenious methods that give the trusty telephone greater power while driving down the price of its use. Most recently, some have focused much attention on getting Google Voice — and its free US and Canada calling and incoming telephone number (which Google has promised will continue to be free till 2012) — to work on any regular home phone. Until now, Google Voice on your phone … [Read more...]

Cisco Killer OBi110 Puts Google Voice on Any Phone

Obihai Technology's poerful OBi110

It's been a long six-year run, but the Cisco SPA3102's reign as the most powerful consumer VoIP adaptor is over. A new device, the OBi110 by Obihai Technology, selling for less than $50, has stepped in to invigorate the sleepy consumer VoIP hardware space. The device offers virtually all the features that have made the SPA3102 the chosen adaptor among VoIP do-it-yourselfers, and sports a slew of enticing new powers. These include: The ability to make US/Canada calls and receive calls … [Read more...]