AT&T 3G MicroCell: Awakening Dead Spots at a Price

AT&T 3G MicroCell

AT&T Wireless has admitted that its service is less than reliable in large swaths of urban areas such as New York City and San Francisco, and has promised infrastructure upgrades in those areas in order to address the problems. When AT&T will get around to the service upgrades is anyone's guess. Fortunately, AT&T customers who live or work within dead spots in those cities now have an effective, albeit pricey, hardware device — the $150 AT&T 3G Microcell — that alleviates … [Read more...]

You Should Come to eComm

There are not many things more annoying about working in the communications space than the constant email invitations to big conferences that offer too little for too much. With few exceptions, I don't go to them. One conference I do plan to attend is Emerging Communications America 2010, or as communications insiders call Lee Dryburgh's little but potent get-together, eComm. Some of the more promising sessions at the third annual eComm at the Marriot Hotel at San Francisco … [Read more...]