The WiFi Why Not on Verizon Skype

In the US, the two aging grandads of cellular have been duking it out on TV commercials like a pair of old politicians tied in the polls two weeks before a gubernatorial election. Both claim to be the best of the two at exactly the same things: both have the most extensive data coverage, both have the highest customer satisfaction, both are innovative. And, just like the two old pols, both are full of it. When it comes to coverage, customer satisfaction, and particularly innovation, both are far … [Read more...]

A ‘Hotline’ of SPAs

One of the most popular help requests of owners of the SPA series Cisco/Linksys VoIP adapters is how to configure two of the devices in separate locations to create a virtual hotline. The idea is that when a phone connected to one of the devices is lifted off it's hook, a call is automatically made to the other SPA device, ringing the phone attached to it. The topic comes up regularly on the Voxilla Forum, and it did so again in the last few days. Senior forum author hwittenb, as ususal, … [Read more...]