WiFi VoIP Gets Closer as FCC Seeks Public Comment on Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission published an initial draft of proposed new rules (pdf) on Thursday that would, if approved, effectively make net neutrality the law of the land and open the door to WiFi VoIP as never before. The Draft Rules to Preserve the Free and Open Internet seek to codify non-binding policy guidelines in place since 2005 and incorporate rules first elucidated last month by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (pdf) lists six terms that … [Read more...]

Asterisk Makes Enterprise Inroads With Big Blue

Digium and IBM announced a new partnership at Astricon Thursday that highlights both the Asterisk company's increasing attention from the enterprise telecommunications sector as well as Big Blue's growing appetite for SMB market share. The two companies announced the creation of an Asterisk-based phone system available now for the IBM Smart Cube platform. Smart Cube is a product of the company’s Smart Business initiative for small to medium-sized businesses, a pre-integrated solution … [Read more...]

Voxilla’s FreePBX in a Cloud, Step-By-Step

Create Security Group

Note: This post has been updated with a new FreePBX in a Cloud instance for Europe. Because of the interest in our series on VoIP and the open source Asterisk PBX using Amazon's convenient Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), yesterday (2009-02-23) Voxilla released a pre-built virtual machine EC2 image using FreePBX, the popular graphical front end administration tool for Asterisk. If you are interested in a stock installation of Asterisk on the Amazon cloud (either you prefer to manage your PBX … [Read more...]

FreePBX in a Cloud With a Click


Note: This post has been updated with a new FreePBX in a Cloud instance for Europe. Since making freely available Voxilla's  “pre-built” Asterisk installation for Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (Asterisk on the Cloud With a Click), we've received many requests for a version that includes a graphical administration front end for the well-regarded open-source PBX. Answering the demand, we settled on FreePBX, itself an open-source Asterisk GUI developed under the guidance of … [Read more...]