Big Still Looking Better as Mobile Giants Merge in UK

Image Credit: canonsnappper Mobile broadband consolidation rocked the UK Tuesday as Deutch Telecom and France Telecom announced plans to consolidate their British operations, according to a report in the New York Times. Pending approval of both companies' shareholders and European regulators, the combined venture would become the largest mobile carrier in the UK, surpassing current leaders O2 and Vodaphone and commanding 37% of the UK's mobile subscriber base. Saturated European mobile … [Read more...]

Mr. Jobs, Tear Down This wall

If Apple wanted to stand the world on its ear next Wednesday at the It's Only Rock and Roll But We Like It event in San Francisco, the company would announce it is opening iPhone software development to all comers and is dropping the facade of exclusive distribution through the iTunes App Store. Heresy, you say? Perhaps in the eyes of some, but read on to learn why those two moves would be best for the company, the platform, for developers and - most of all - consumers. The original … [Read more...]

Five VoIP Acquisitions that Matter (or Will)

The VoIP world sees its fair share of startups and acquisitions. Major telecom companies are finding that it may be easier to purchase smaller VoIP startups than to try to compete with them. And now, the rapid growth of the VoIP industry is sparking interest from large companies. VoIP is no longer a new technology. Smaller startup companies are able to compete against larger telecommunication companies by offering special features and pricing to niche markets. Larger companies have taken note … [Read more...]

Vonage iPhone App Gives Mobile VoIP a PR Boost

Vonage, the company that took VoIP mainstream, announced approval and began seeking beta testers for its iPhone mobile VoIP application Wednesday, in a move that may do wonders for the company's brand awareness, even if it promises little that can't already be done with Apple's popular smartphone. Remember Vonage? How that infectious boop boobee doop boop tone from all those television commercials stuck in your head a few years ago? Well, Vonage executives needed to rekindle those … [Read more...]