Why You Don’t Know VoIP

Millions of people use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) every day. Skype is mentioned in conversation as casually as Twitter. So how come more people don’t understand what VoIP (and Skype) actually is? Broadly defined, VoIP is a number of transmission technologies that deliver voice communication over the internet or other IP networks. But, don’t expect the average VoIP user to tell you this. Let’s explore the three main reasons why people don’t understand VoIP. 1. There’s … [Read more...]

Junction Networks Brings Deluxe Business Phone Toolset to OnSIP Hosted Service

Junction Networks released a major upgrade to its flagship OnSIP hosted PBX phone service Thursday, adding browser-based IM, presence and phone status to one of the most compelling hosted VoIP services on the market today. A single browser window presents all users in an organization complete, one-look status on who in the company is “present,” which of them are on the phone, and who is free to call with a click on their names. One click and the user's extension - be it a desk set in the … [Read more...]

New FCC Rules Should Benefit VoIP Providers and Users

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski In a major policy address on the broad topic of "net neutrality" delivered Monday at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski described clearly his belief in the commission's responsibility "to preserve a free and open Internet" - and proposed new rules that should be a boon to both users and providers of VoIP technologies. Focusing on the fact of the Internet as "something profoundly successful" that "will benefit both … [Read more...]

Mobilize 09 Sees a Bright, Connected, Portable – and Profitable Future

Anyone feeling blue about the economic downturn or at odds over political battles involving healthcare reform and financial stimulus would have done well to attend Mobilize 09 at San Francisco's Mission Bay Conference Center Thursday, as dozens of presenting speakers/companies and hundreds of attendees embraced there a future that will be on-the-go and location aware, serving up near-instantaneous communications and connectivity over ever-faster, increasingly stable wireless networks. And to … [Read more...]