Junction Networks Takes the Guesswork Out of SIP Hardware Choice

Junction Networks announced publication Wednesday of a new testing and review site that could become a valuable lifeline for small and medium sized businesses wanting the most out of the hosted IP PBX offerings on the market today.

In many cases, when a business decides to contract for hosted VoIP services, the service provider builds a fee for providing its own hardware into the quote for the service, leaving the business customer little choice for customizing price and features to best meet its needs.

The new OnSIP Team Reviews site is a clever marketing extension of Junction Networks’ own OnSIP Hosted VoIP service, a strictly SIP-compliant hosting platform that permits customers to use any SIP-compliant device they may purchase or already own. This hardware-agnostic stance will lend valuable objectivity to the OnSIP Team Reviews, which promise to put VoIP endpoints through a rigorous 32 step interoperability regimen and offer space for reader comments on reviews and hardware.

“Once customers plug in and register their phones as extensions to a SIP PBX, whether hosted or on-premise, they should have no further worries about that phone’s capabilities,” said Robert Wolpov, Junction Networks president.

“Our multi-step interoperability test of 32 basic functions, as outlined in the SIP specification: ring, go on hold, transfer, and so on” will help business decision makers understand what they will be getting before they make what can amount to the most expensive part of a choice to use a VoIP solution.

Wolpov pointed out that Junction Networks’ reviews will also judge models by subjective criteria such as voice quality and ease and comfort of use. “We’ll advise you,” he said, “that high-definition audio quality is a worthwhile splurge, but if you’re choosing a conference room phone that won’t be used much, it’s OK to save money with traditional audio quality.”

The OnSIP Reviews site is launching with VoIP phone reviews on Linksys SPA942, Polycom 331, and Snom 320, and the company promises to review soon more of the 20 phones listed in the OnSIP Knowledgebase, as well as new models as they are released.