AT&T and Apple: Cutting Ties That Overbind


After months of criticism from various consumer groups, it has been speculated that telecom giant AT&T is closer to allowing the use of VoIP applications over its 3G data network on mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone. 3G access has been an issue over the past few months due to the fact that iPhone voice applications such as Skype can only be used in areas where the device can connect to the internet over a WiFi network.  With increasing pressure coming both from consumers and a … [Read more...]

Junction Networks Takes the Guesswork Out of SIP Hardware Choice

Junction Networks announced publication Wednesday of a new testing and review site that could become a valuable lifeline for small and medium sized businesses wanting the most out of the hosted IP PBX offerings on the market today. In many cases, when a business decides to contract for hosted VoIP services, the service provider builds a fee for providing its own hardware into the quote for the service, leaving the business customer little choice for customizing price and features to best meet … [Read more...]