BBC Investigation Raises Privacy Concerns Over Spinvox

Spinvox, a voice-to-text messaging service that claims to use advanced voice recognition technology to convert voice mail to text, backpedaled Thursday in the face of allegations raised by a recent BBC investigation. The Spinvox website claims its technology "captures spoken words and feeds them into a Voice Message Conversion System, known as 'D2' (the Brain)", however claims made to the BBC indicate Spinvox "converts" at least some messages by having them transcribed by human call center … [Read more...]

Live Vox Brings VoIP to the Repo Man


Among the more widely accepted benefits of VoIP technology, cost-savings and productivity gains become even more valuable to many companies during an economic downturn. With the right VoIP services and equipment in place, a business is far better-positioned to weather the staffing cuts that inevitably affect nearly every concern during a recession, but VoIP can be used to maximize the opportunities that arise from disruptions in the business cycle as well. The sad byproducts of economic … [Read more...]