Sipgate Team Edition Offers Cloud Collaboration, Business Phone Services


sipgate team could revolutionize business phone service.

Sipgate, the San Francisco-based VoIP service provider, recently announced a new, “cloud services” telephony product that could spell the end of traditional phone systems and phone lines for many small and medium sized businesses.

Dubbed sipgate team, the new service is a multi-user edition of the company’s revolutionary approach to IP communications that combines a hosted VoIP phone system with sophisticated collaboration features accessible through a user interface much like a webmail account.

“Our aim is to make telephone service as easy to use as email,” said Thilo Salmon, CEO of sipgate. “If you can use email, you now know enough to run your company’s corporate telephony system. We think this service will resonate particularly well with entrepreneurial companies and firms that have already realized the benefits from other cloud-based services like hosted CRM or email.”

For an introductory cost of $2 per user per month, each member of an organization retains control over where to answer their calls and can even have their VoIP, landline and mobile phones all ring in parallel. Calls are routed to whichever handset is picked up first.

While on a call, users can easily bridge-in other callers, transfer the call or even record it. Employees with administrative privileges can quickly add new users, office locations and blocks of phone numbers at the click of a button, with new additions enabled for use from the moment ordered.

“sipgate team has been designed to be simple for administrators to set up and maintain, cutting down the time, effort and costs of traditional telephony systems,” said Salmon. “The feature set is designed to make companies more productive, collaborative and efficient.”

In an age of decentralizing company organization and increasingly mobile, connected workforces, sipgate team’s approach to low-cost unified communications could well answer businesses’ need to stay nimble in the quest to be competitive.

The Sipgate Team Edition introductory offer is available to companies with up to one hundred users, at $2 per user per month and is offered as a one month rolling contract.

Easily set up within minutes, the service is available as a fully-functional, no-strings-attached, 30-day free trial available at No credit card is required for the trial and there is no need to cancel if companies opt to discontinue using the service.