Sipgate Team Edition Offers Cloud Collaboration, Business Phone Services


Sipgate, the San Francisco-based VoIP service provider, recently announced a new, "cloud services" telephony product that could spell the end of traditional phone systems and phone lines for many small and medium sized businesses. Dubbed sipgate team, the new service is a multi-user edition of the company's revolutionary approach to IP communications that combines a hosted VoIP phone system with sophisticated collaboration features accessible through a user interface much like a webmail … [Read more...]

Digium Launches Skype for Asterisk Open Beta


After nine months of taking their time to get it right, Digium announced this week the availability of the Skype for Asterisk open beta. Asterisk Open Source Community Director at Digium, John Todd wrote in a posting to the Asterisk Users Mail List that both the download -- available for free at Digium's online store -- and the software are time-limited. The software package will only be available for download until August 7 and the software itself will expire after August 31. After … [Read more...]

Skype Only Winner as Apple Jilts Google

While many pundits in the telephony space were busy pointing fingers and naming villains in the wake of Apple's rejection of Google's iPhone app for Google Voice, the real winner in the current scenario, Skype, continued to rack up millions of minutes that could have been destined for Google and, strangely enough, AT&T. Skype is already arguably the world's largest telephone company, originating and terminating more worldwide telephony minutes than any other service provider, and Google has its … [Read more...]

Making and Receiving VoIP Calls with an iPod – It Could Happen


From nearly the very beginning, VoIP on Apple's iPod Touch has represented something of a holy grail. Interest in the concept seems to have picked up recently, with several illuminati of the VoIP-focused media having weighed in on the topic in just the past week. Things got started last week with a post by VoIP Watch's Andy Abramson, who waxed ecstatic over the possibilities intimated by rumored specs for the next version of Apple's touchscreen iPod. Venerable VoIP authority and former … [Read more...]