AT&T Improves WiFi Connectivity for iPhone Users


AT&T announced changes to its WiFi connection process Wednesday that should improve the user experience for the company's iPhone-using customers and may relieve the strain on its 3G network that some believe has been a result of the iPhone's unprecedented popularity. The press release Wednesday coincided with Apple's release of 3.0 firmware for its family of mobile phones and said AT&T will support "auto-authentication" for customers with qualifying data plans. Previously, iPhone users … [Read more...]

From the Forums: News You Can Use

Every Tuesday find interesting links and discussions culled from the Voxilla reader forums right here on the cover. If you've got a topic or discussion you feel needs wider distribution, be sure and comment, with a link in the comments to the Tuesday forum post as well. With that, on to this week's highlights: Mobile VoIP is all the rage on iPhone, and with the impending release of its 3.0 operating firmware with push notification support, many are anxious to find out whether incoming … [Read more...]

Cicsco Sees Unabated Growth in Networking Traffic – Video is Your Future


Cisco published this week an update to its Visual Networking Index Forecast, an ongoing initiative to track and forecast the impact of visual networking applications on Global IP traffic that predicts a near future with compound annual growth rates (CAGR) exceeding 30% in many categories, and a world in which Zetabytes of traffic will soon pass among the globally plugged-in population. Some highlights from the paper, which covers the period from 2008 - 2013 include: CAGR of 40% for … [Read more...]

Gogo a no go on VoIP


I was very excited when I got to the airport and saw that AirTran offered in-flight WiFi.  Who knew you could get WiFi on a flight from San Francisco to Milwaukee?  I've been dying to try VoIP over the Gogo Inflight Internet Service for some time now. For $12.95, you get Gogo's "unlmited" Internet access while in flight (it's $9.95 for flights shorter than 3 hours, and a monthly all-you-can-eat pass goes for $49.95)). The prices are not bad -- my dog is stuffed under the seat in front of me … [Read more...]