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The Linksys SPA9000 is one of the more powerful, versatile home office/small business IP PBX devices you can buy.

With common voice system features such as an auto-attendant, shared line appearances, three way call conferencing, intercom, music on hold, call-forwarding and more, the SPA9000 also opens access to the benefits of VoIP, including low cost long distance service, telephone number portability, and one network for both voice and data.

Combine that with a GSM Gateway, such as the Portech MV-370, and you can even leverage the features of the SPA9000 with the features and benefits of the cellular telephone network, making for truly sophisticated global telecommunications capacity for a fraction of what such functionality would traditionally cost.

And of course, there are threads and discussion active in the Voxilla forums that will help you along with tips, advice and how-tos, such as this one that occurred over the last couple of days between members keeskoets and Walford58.

Have you ever thought it might be useful to remove the dialtone from one of the ports on an ATA? Member SirPrised tells you one way to do it on a SPA3000.

Reader janeanna updated a thread on mobile phone recycling with information about a Nokia-sponsored initiative in Malaysia, but do not forget about eCycling programs in the US, Canada and the UK as well.