From the Forums: News You Can Use

Every Tuesday find interesting links and discussions culled from the Voxilla reader forums right here on the cover. If you’ve got a topic or discussion you feel needs wider distribution, be sure and comment, with a link in the comments to the Tuesday forum post as well.

With that, on to this week’s highlights:

Mobile VoIP is all the rage on iPhone, and with the impending release of its 3.0 operating firmware with push notification support, many are anxious to find out whether incoming calls might be a viable reality on Apple’s popular smartphone.

But what about that other brand of popular mobile phones, Blackberry? Here’s a robust discussion thread with some interesting information about VoIP on Blackberry, which, at the moment appears to be largely unsupported, unfortunately.

SIP dialing on the Windows mobile platform gets a boost, on the other hand, from portSIP, a free SIP dialer for Windows Mobile 6. See the discussion thread here.

Here’s a great example of the wonderful kinds of help and information Voxilla community members have been extending to one another since 2003: sinboo50 had an issue with incoming calls disconnecting the audio channel of a current call on a Polycom IP650 and ended up posting the solution he got from Polycom support, which led to further interesting discussion among a trio of other members. And so it goes…

Voxilla forums are broken down into several different categories and moderated by representatives of many of the major manufacturers and service providers out there. One forum that’s seen a pretty big increase in traffic of late and could bear investigating is the sipX forum. Look to sipXecs, an open source Enterprise Communications Server that could one day soon give Digium and its popular Asterisk PBX a run for its money.