From the Forums: News You Can Use

Every Tuesday we bring to the Voxilla front page several interesting threads from our user forums that we believe deserve a wider audience or that might help Voxilla readers get the most value from the time they spend on the site.

Usually the Tuesday Forum post goes up in the morning but this week we’ve been a little pinched with obligations related to Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference taking place in San Francisco; please forgive our posting delay.

The current economy would seem to beg a certain sharing of resources in many venues — why not consider it in telecom trunking capacity? Reader markosjal points us to Teknogeekz, who’ve just begun offering new forums that allow user-to-user trunk sharing.

The idea is that users who pay a flat rate to a particular destination can sell off part of their available capacity, whether 1 or 100 channels. The program is not for wholesale termination, nor is it for terminations sold by the minute.

“It represents a chance for those with extra capacity to help someone else while both may keep a little more in their pocket,” markosjal writes. “We want to move VoIP from Wall Street to Main Street.”

One of the great things about the Voxilla forums is the expert practical help readers share with one another. Have you ever wondered how to route certain calls with your ATA or how to construct custom dial plans to take advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of multi-port FXS/FXO devices such as the Linksys 3102?

If so, chances are you’ve gotten knowing responses to such queries from longtime members like hwittenb, who’s posted over 2000 times in the Voxilla forums since 2005.

Perhaps you have a need or desire to route your internet traffic anonymously and/or tag it with a US or UK based IP address? Reader glucz commends you to USAIP, a business that exists for just such purposes. They will route your internet traffic to one of their US or UK hubs via a 128 bit encrypted VPN channel, and route it back to the internet as regular internet traffic.

Here’s a great thread with useful information about call forwarding, DIDs and other VoIP and Mobile calling arcana using services such as SIP URIs and a company called PimpMyNumber.

Have fun, folks, and we’ll see you next week with From the Forums.