Voxeo Buys IMified, Opening New Channels for Self-Service Interactivity

imifiedlogo.jpgVoxeo, the Orlando-based developer of IVR and VoIP platforms announced its acquisition of IMified Wednesday, bringing the world’s largest hosted instant messaging application development and deployment platform into Voxeo’s family of communication automation tools for business.

Among the voice apps written for Voxeo’s platform and in use by more than 37,000 of the company’s clients today are

* Auto attendants
* Order status applications
* Package tracking applications
* Information retrieval systems
* Emergency notifications
* Virtual agents
* Instant CRM
* Surveys
* Data entry applications
* Interactive games
* Identity verification protocols

But, as the company points out in a blog posting announcing its new venture, such apps need not be limited to voice.

“The reality is that today people are engaging in real-time communication not only using voice… but also IM, SMS, web chat, Twitter and so many other means,” the posting said, adding Voxeo wants to offer companies the ability to develop what it calls “unified self service” applications utilizing a common development platform.

“IMified provides a simple, scalable web-based platform for creating and hosting interactive instant messaging (IM) agents (Bots) that can interact with all the public IM networks, including AIM (AOL), GTalk (Google), MSN (Microsoft) and Yahoo,” according to the company’s statement, which also offered three examples of IM bots that users can try immediately simply by adding the bot contact information into their own IM clients.

For more information and to try the sample bots click here.