From the Forum: News You Can Use

Welcome to a new weekly feature at Voxilla, where we delve into our popular reader forums and bring information and discussions to the front page that might otherwise be missed by those not specifically tuned into the topics at hand.

Feel free to comment on areas you feel we ought to focus on and make suggestions for forum threads you feel Voxilla readers need to know about.

We’ll publish a hand-picked selection of forum topics for your consideration every Tuesday.

Looking for Free Worldwide SMS Services? Readers ooma2kn and drew1982 suggest checking out SMS Review and SMS Clist.

The best VoIP provider nowadays? This has been a much-viewed and commented thread for some time and it’s always good to see new companies getting readers’ nods. Monday reader sidz pointed out VTalkers, another company targeting the growing market for US – Pakistan routes.

Are your VoIP to VoIP calls going through? Some VoIP providers block incoming SIP calls. If you are trying to forward VoIP calls to a number based in one country to a VoIP number based in another country and having problems, this could be the issue.

Increase your Asterisk reselling profits? Readers luthor101 and vozoom make a couple of solid suggestions for Asterisk resellers out there trying to maximize sales and increase profits: offer a Call Accounting service as part of your package and consider offering a friendly GUI.

Access VM from an outside line? You may be stuck with using the Auto-Attendant feature of your system, but as this thread shows, whenever readers have a real-world question or quandry, experienced VoIP users such as Walford 58 can be relied on in the Voxilla forums to make great suggestions and provide definitive answers.