Mobivox Helps Providers Leave the Race to Zero Behind

Cost savings continue to be the driving force behind VoIP adoption in the communications market and service providers are scrambling to find additional revenue streams and value added differentiators to attract new customers today.

That trend points to bright prospects for Mobivox, the Montréal-based company with a powerful voice-activated mobile services platform behind a broad set of value-added services for carriers and services providers, including:

♦ Voice-activated initiation of mobile calls;
♦ Voice-to-text applications;
♦ Group communications for both social and business users, and
♦ Inbound and outbound mobile VoIP.

Among the greatest challenges communications service providers face in the current environment is the struggle to find the right mix of services pricing and revenue streams to secure competitive advantage – and to increase the likelihood of future prosperity.

While revenues attributable to traditional voice connectivity grow smaller all the time, some providers have begun to explore ways of monetizing their customers’ growing appetites for data, while others have looked to move beyond simple voice connectivity and seek ways to offer voice-activated value added services as a means of differentiating themselves among the competition.

MTC Telecom, a custom-voice-solutions company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, announced plans this week to use Mobivox-powered international long-distance services to attract customers and build revenue for MTC’s new WorldAxxess micropayments business.

The WorldAxxess micropayment application will allow users to make small-metered online purchases of goods or services – such as newspapers, or downloaded music or ringtones – and pay from small amounts of currency they store online. A simple, easy-to-use online debit system is convenient for users and gives retailers an appealing alternative to processing credit-card payments for small purchases.

“Arbitraging calling rates is a losing game over time,” for providers and their customers alike, says Peter Diedrich, Mobivox CEO. “Messaging and social media apps are driving our platform and services evolution strategy today.”

Another innovative service Mobivox has built into its platform allows carriers to offer their customers voice-activated multilingual CRM functionality. By leveraging its network-hosted address book and user database, the Mobivox platform allows for insightful user profiling throughout the customer lifecycle. “By mashing a voice user interface with rich and relevant behavioral database information, we have created an unprecedented set of highly contextual CRM processes, executed in real time,” Diedrich explains.

Communications analyst Jon Arnold has written that the Mobivox platform “transform(s) the voice channel in a way that can render it as effective as a Web-based channel and complement the operator’s overall CRM efforts.” Mobivox has already proven-in these CRM over Voice capabilities in its own consumer voice-activated mobile services offer, a “living lab” with millions of voice-activated calls connected and messages delivered to date, giving Deidrich confidence to take the offering to market with carriers and providers.

“The voice services market is moving beyond being a point to point solution,” Deidrich says, adding “the ad-supported free services model is ultimately bound to fail. We feel customers will gladly pay for value-added services and providers can use them to build new business and reduce customer churn at the same time.