Hands on Video: The Nokia N97

Blogger Steve O'Hear is one of the first out with a hands-on review of Nokia's new flagship phone, the N97, based on a quick ten minute fondle at a Nokia Design Day event in London. O'Hear reports that the phone marries the best of N-series media production and playback features combined with satisfying E-series-style QWERTY keyboard and build quality, and pronounces it an overall joy to use. One possible signal of bumps in the road ahead for Nokia, however, is O'Hear's impression that the … [Read more...]

Google’s Wave Opens New Real-Time Communication Frontiers


Google swamped Microsoft on Thursday, completely overwhelming the Windows maker's announcement about a new search engine (Bing?) with an announcement of its own about the most ambitious project the technology world has seen in a long time. Wave, a 4-years-in-the-making Google project is a new open source communications platform that aims to seamlessly integrate email, IM, real-time document sharing/collaboration, photo-sharing and more. Some wonder wether Wave will be bloatware, taking an … [Read more...]

Voxeo Buys IMified, Opening New Channels for Self-Service Interactivity


Voxeo, the Orlando-based developer of IVR and VoIP platforms announced its acquisition of IMified Wednesday, bringing the world’s largest hosted instant messaging application development and deployment platform into Voxeo's family of communication automation tools for business. Among the voice apps written for Voxeo's platform and in use by more than 37,000 of the company's clients today are * Auto attendants * Order status applications * Package tracking applications … [Read more...]

Nokia’s Ovi App Store Launch “A Disaster”


Nokia's much anticipated foray into online application distribution came off like a stinkbomb Tuesday, according to a report at TechCrunch. The Finnish handset maker is hoping to catch up to the trend in centralized online distribution of mobile software and other products pioneered nearly a year ago by Apple's iTunes App Store for its iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices. In the first 12 hours since launching the store has been largely inaccessible, pages have loaded slowly or not at all, … [Read more...]