Ifbyphone Brings SIP Trunking to the Cloud

Ifbyphone, a leading provider of business-grade telephone automation services, will launch a new, "cloud"-based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service on Tuesday, giving all types of service providers the opportunity to provide advanced telephony applications to their customers for a lower cost than ever before. All carriers, CLECs, ILECs, hosted PBX companies, and cable multi-system operators (MSOs) with softswitches in their architecture will be able to expand service … [Read more...]

eBay Finally Throwing in the Towel with Skype

Amidst the worst economic downturn in nearly a century eBay wants to unload its Skype subsidiary -- either through an initial public stock offering next year, or by an outright sale -- and the company will "maximize the value" of its popular peer-to-peer IP chat and voice service subsidiary. Come again? Instead, the decision appears to be a tacit admission that the auction giant erred badly when it bought Skype for $4.1 billion in 2005 -- both because it overpaid and because the company … [Read more...]

Cisco Gets Serious About SMB Communications


Cisco Systems, the enterprise networking giant, is making an active play for the small and medium sized business (SMB) market with several products that could soon cement the company's status as the premier high-tech bellwether in the United States. With the introduction of truly plug-and-play, WiFi-enabled routers, cordless phones, desksets and a new, multi-port FXO/FXS IP telephony gateway, Cisco is making affordable, full-featured, enterprise-grade telephony solutions available like never … [Read more...]

Yahoo IM Finally Comes to iPhone

Yahoo Messenger is finally coming to the iPhone, the company announced Tuesday at CTIA 2009 in Las Vegas. But will it really matter to anyone? Now that it looks like push notification really is going to be implemented this summer in iPhone 3.0 firmware, instant messaging becomes a far more attractive application on Apple's mobile device than it has been up to now. And while Yahoo Messenger, with millions of users is one of the largest IM services around, one has to wonder whether IM apps like … [Read more...]