Samsung Brings Another Android Phone to Market


Samsung announced Monday the impending European launch of its I7500 touchscreen mobile phone, the third major device to run on Google's open source Android mobile operating system. Although a piece in PC Magazine implied the I7500 could be available from T-Mobile in the US market later this year, Samsung's announcement indicated only that the phone would be available "in major European countries" in June 2009. The I7500 will feature a 3.2-inch, 320-by-480 AMOLED touch screen, Wi-Fi, a … [Read more...]

Support for Open Source Asterisk: Next Steps in a Growing Success Story

Steven Sokol

It's been almost a month since Digium changed a long-standing policy and began offering commercial support for open source Asterisk installations. After years of providing support only for Asterisk Business Edition, Digium looked at the growing acceptance of open source voice solutions, at the shift away from vendor-locked proprietary systems, and decided the time was right to "do whatever needs to be done to make Asterisk work for our customers," according to Steven Sokol, Digium's Product … [Read more...]

iPhone Is the Only Smartphone that Matters Today

Nearing the 2nd anniversary of its introduction, the iPhone is so far ahead of its competition, some have begun to wonder if anyone will catch up to Apple's revolutionary mobile phone. Much of the talk about 'smartphones' centers on the iPhone, despite the fact that other hardware manufacturers have also released touch-screen products, competing operating systems have been or are in development, and competing 'app stores' have sprung up to service the non-iPhone smartphone marketplace. But … [Read more...]

GIPS Releases HD Voice – How to Select the Best Codec

Global IP Solutions (GIPS), the San Francisco-based provider of voice and video processing for IP communications, released Tuesday a whitepaper entitled “How to Select the Best Codec for HD Voice.” Possibly the hottest topic in communications today, HD Voice is the subject of its very own conference, scheduled for May 21 in New York, is being addressed in one form or another by every major communications hardware manufacturer, and is increasingly on the minds and lips of end users across … [Read more...]