iPhone Is the Only Smartphone that Matters Today

Nearing the 2nd anniversary of its introduction, the iPhone is so far ahead of its competition, some have begun to wonder if anyone will catch up to Apple’s revolutionary mobile phone.

Much of the talk about ‘smartphones’ centers on the iPhone, despite the fact that other hardware manufacturers have also released touch-screen products, competing operating systems have been or are in development, and competing ‘app stores’ have sprung up to service the non-iPhone smartphone marketplace.

But none of that matters, so far.

According to a recent industry report by mobile analytics firm Flurry, there is nothing on the horizon from the likes of Android, Blackberry, Palm or Windows for Apple to worry about.

The long and short of the matter is that the iPhone has a commanding lead over its competition in the high-end mobile phone market and with a new update to its operating system as well as new hardware expected in the coming quarter, Apple appears set to continue outpacing the rest of the industry.

While the Flurry report was released as part of the analytics firms’ drive to promote its own services, its conclusions are based on strong data and support the impression that Google, Palm, RIM and Microsoft have a long way to go to take market share away from Apple.


  1. This really pisses me off. The iPhone is a piece of crap! Forget SSH or telnet on an iPhone! No Flash outside of youtube! I don’t understand why everyone is hyping this thing!

  2. sisco dawson says:

    Uhh, except you can SSH and telnet with the iPhone. It’s actually not a piece of crap at all. It’s an amazing device that no device in its class even comes close to – forgive the expression – touching.

  3. Liberty for ALL! says:

    Get your facts straight “smartphone accessories”.

    1. SSH & Telnet work just fine if you jailbreak your iPhone.
    2. Flash is NOT on iPhone, YouTube using H.264 DOES work on iPhone.