GIPS Releases HD Voice – How to Select the Best Codec

Global IP Solutions (GIPS), the San Francisco-based provider of voice and video processing for IP communications, released Tuesday a whitepaper entitled “How to Select the Best Codec for HD Voice.”

Possibly the hottest topic in communications today, HD Voice is the subject of its very own conference, scheduled for May 21 in New York, is being addressed in one form or another by every major communications hardware manufacturer, and is increasingly on the minds and lips of end users across the business and consumer spectrums.

As a player with significant stakes in the game, GIPS’ paper and its conclusion that the iSAC codec developed by GIPS is versatile and cost effective should come as no surprise to anyone.

The paper (available for download here) examines the benefits of wideband codecs in general, describes the iSAC codec, and also addresses the vast potential of HD-Voice, its market implications, and the issues that can come with offering HD-Voice relevant for enterprises, equipment manufacturers, application developers, and service providers.

“HD voice improves the overall experience, quality and intelligibility of communication,” said Global IP Solutions’ Chief Marketing Officer Joyce Kim in a statement accompanying the announcement.

As telephony application developers, service providers, and equipment manufacturers continue to look for ways to answer the growing demand for HD voice, the GIPS white paper is bound to have a significant say in the matter.