Skype for SIP Opens Enterprise Options

Skype announced Monday a beta project dubbed Skype for SIP that promises to integrate Skype with millions of installed PBX systems worldwide.

With Skype for SIP businesses will be able to receive and manage inbound calls from Skype’s 405 million Skype users, using any SIP-enabled PBX system, connecting the company website to the PBX system using Skype click-to-call buttons.

Business users will be able to place calls via Skype to landlines and mobile phones worldwide from any connected SIP-enabled PBX, utilizing Skype’s discounted rates.

Skype will also offer online numbers to receive calls to the corporate PBX from landlines or mobile phones.

Skype says calls can be fully integrated using existing hardware and system applications such as call routing, conferencing, phone menus, voicemail and call recording and logging with no additional downloads or training required.

The program is launching as a limited beta with plans to launch the full version of Skype For SIP later in 2009. During the beta programme, Skype will provide support in English only, but intends to announce plans for other languages when Skype For SIP launches fully.


  1. Mario says:

    Skype for SIP is likely to rattle a lot of pure-SIP providers, but it is Skype’s acceptance with both consumer AND business users that bears watching.

    Good on them for tossing their hat into a new ring.