Truphone Excited About iPhone 3.0

As more details emerge about changes to the Apple mobile platform forthcoming in iPhone 3.0, a few that could significantly ease VoIP calling with Apple’s mobile devices have Truphone technical director Karl Good’s attention.

Truphone’s PR team sent out a release, as reported by Stuart Henhsall, in which Good reports that a new API to Apple’s AMR NB codec –- the software that digitizes and packetizes voice for transmission over wireless data networks — will allow Truphone to simply embed the codec, saving itself the job of writing an implementation from scratch.

Good also cited unconfirmed reports that Apple will implement its own SIP and RTP stacks (i.e. the VoIP signaling and streaming media pieces). “Instead of us having to jump over hurdles to keep our own SIP and RTP stacks in line with any changes to Apple’s OS we can use Apple’s own implementations – stacks that they will manage and keep current for us,” he said.

Developers across the app spectrum are pleased with a new API that will allow users’ iTunes store and payment processes to be embedded within applications. This will allow Truphone users and others to add minutes to their accounts and purchase service upgrades without leaving an application and without re-entering credit card information. Apple receives a portion of the revenue share, but it’s a price many developers are happy to pay to have a smoother user experience and to leverage the users’ credit card registration with Apple’s iTunes store.