Google Voice Goes Steady and Slow

google_voice_logo.pngGoogle Voice has indeed begun rolling out, as promised, to former GrandCentral account holders, who were given the opportunity this week to upgrade their accounts and begin trying out Google’s new Voice service.

Not long after publishing our piece asking whether the service deserved a “vaporware” tag, a few users began chiming in with comments about their largely positive experiences enabling Google Voice.

Thursday we had an opportunity to speak with Google Voice Project Manager, and former Grand Central head, Craig Walker about Google’s strategy and plans for the service. “We wanted to be sure things went smoothly, so we’ve taken our time,” Walker explained.” He said all former Grand Central account holders comprising the initial public beta population will have gotten their invitations / instructions for upgrading to Google Voice “very, very soon,” and that so far Google has been “very pleased” with the rollout.

Walker put the number of Grand Central users in the hundreds of thousands, while declining to give specifics about the subscriber base or how the service might scale once it becomes available to the hundreds of millions of potential users among Google users worldwide.

Voxilla staff have had the opportunity to begin playing with Google Voice over the last couple of days, so stay tuned for our forthcoming in-depth review.


  1. Fletch says:

    I upgraded a few days ago and so far so good. After reading this site and a few others, I bought a pap2 and it came in tonight. Thanks for the setup info here on this site..I had it going in like 5 min.

    Thanks to your site and to Google Voice I now have a elementary yet working system!

  2. AyudaVoIP says:

    Waiting for that review!
    Another reason to go to Google Voice service, could be phone spam?

    In Spain is starting this phenomenom, but it is so expanded in EEUU that could be a reason to jump to Google Voice, the same way than Gmail save us from hundreds of annoying spammers every day? What do you think Lenny?