First Looks: Skype for iPhone

Skype for iPhone is due to be announced at CTIA 2009 on Tuesday morning. The world's busiest long distance service provider and its new partner Apple helpfully made the free Skype for iPhone app available for download via the iTunes AppStore (opens iTunes) Monday night, and a quick lap around the track implies quite an upgrade to iPhone's voice functionality. Simply logging in with a user's current Skype username and password automatically populates the mobile apps' database with … [Read more...]

It’s Official – Skype Coming to iPhone Tuesday


Skype for iPhone and iPod Touch will launch in Apple's iTunes AppStore on Tuesday, in concert with an announcement at CTIA 2009, according to a report Sunday night at Cnet. The big question is whether an app with a built-in audience of potential users numbering in the hundreds of millions will finally get VoIP off the starting line among the tens of millions of people world wide who have bought iPhone and iPod Touch. Skype voice calling will only be possible over WiFi, though chat will be … [Read more...]

Skype for SIP is no Threat to Skype for Asterisk

Some in the communications blogosphere have lately used news and rumors about Skype's recent moves beyond its proprietary fortress to toll a death-knell for the still-in-beta Skype for Asterisk channel. A post at Digium's blog Friday by Scott Sokol should get them to think again. By outlining several important disctinctions between Skype-for-SIP (SFS) and Skype-for Asterisk (SFA) -- which largely boil down to the difference between a protocol and a platform -- Sokol argues that Skype's … [Read more...]

Rumor: Skype for iPhone Imminent


Skype for iPhone could appear in Apple's iTunes AppStore as soon as next week, according to a report at GigaOm. Citing a “very reliable” source, the report says an iPhone app for Skype could launch next week at the CTIA Wireless conference in Las Vegas. The report notes there have been other clues suggesting such a launch, such as other VoIP services changing potential launches of their own. Which makes sense, because when it hits, Skype will immediately become the big dog in the yard … [Read more...]