Skype for Asterisk Moves to 2nd Beta Group


Skype For Asterisk, an add-on channel driver announced six months ago, shows encouraging results after being tested through "several rounds of code with a very small pilot group," according to a Digium report today. "We've learned a lot about the art of connecting Asterisk with the Skype global network," writes Digium spokesman Pete Engler. "We continue to see a great deal of interest in this product [with] over 3,000 applications and counting." Skype For Asterisk (SFA) is an add-on … [Read more...]

Microsoft Mobile OS: a Lean UI for Lean Times


Microsoft made a big, if not wildly well-received, show of unveiling its re-branded mobile OS at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. With screenshots and first impressions beginning to bubble up to the surface, it's not unrealistic to wonder just how long they are going to be able to stay in business up there in Redmond if this is the best they can do. Is there a policy against hiring anyone with graphic design sensibilities? Maybe the philosophy is "light makes right." But this is … [Read more...]

Why Some Information Doesn’t Need to be in the Cloud


Late last year blogger Allen Stern of CenterNetworks self-funded a new venture called CloudContacts with a simple idea: Take all the business cards you have and put them "in the Cloud." All you had to do was buy an account ($30 for up to 100 cards), send the cards to CloudContacts and Stern's company would take care of scanning the cards for you, making the contact information available to you from any computer or mobile device that could connect to the Internet. Best of all, the contact … [Read more...]

Linksys Brings Security Controls to the Home Router


Linksys and Trend Micro announced Monday they are adding Home Network Defender internet security software to a pair of Linksys consumer grade wireless routers, to help block out unsafe sites before any computer on a home network can get to them. The Linksys WRT310N and WRT610N will now feature software that denies access to any site it deems unsafe based on a set of predetermined criteria and constantly talks to Trend Micro servers to determine how secure a site is. Users will be able to … [Read more...]