Skype for Asterisk Moves to 2nd Beta Group

digium_logo.pngSkype For Asterisk, an add-on channel driver announced six months ago, shows encouraging results after being tested through “several rounds of code with a very small pilot group,” according to a Digium report today.

“We’ve learned a lot about the art of connecting Asterisk with the Skype global network,” writes Digium spokesman Pete Engler. “We continue to see a great deal of interest in this product [with] over 3,000 applications and counting.”

Skype For Asterisk (SFA) is an add-on channel driver that integrates Skype calling with Asterisk-based telephony systems. With SFA, businesses can build a presence on the Skype network, allowing customers to call in for free using Skype. SFA also gives business users access to low rates for inbound and outbound calling using SkypeIn and SkypeOut.

This week SFA testing has been opened to a second, larger beta testing group with the stated goal of a public beta and then the finished product “in the very near future.”

Follow the jump for more on SFA’s supported features.

Engler writes that the SFA product will be the only solution to integrate Asterisk directly with Skype. This is not a “proxy” solution and the call quality will be superior to anything else on the market.

Customers will have the ability to make, receive and transfer Skype calls from within Asterisk phone systems, using existing hardware and existing Asterisk configurations: Skype calls become just another Asterisk call.

Some of the features that will be supported in the market release are:

1. SkypeIn: Receive calls from the public telephone network using standard phone numbers

2. SkypeOut: Make calls to landline and mobile numbers at incredibly low rates

3. Standard phone features: Incoming/outgoing digits (DTMF), Caller ID

4. Smart call routing based on called Skype Name, Caller ID, country of the caller, language they have chosen in their Skype client and etc.

5. Retrieve Skype credit balance information

6. Store and call PSTN and Skype contacts

7. Retrieve and set Skype user presence information

8. Support for G.711 and G.729 voice codecs

9. Each Skype channel license includes a Digium G.729 codec license