Braintel’s License Suspended in Pakistan

braintel_logo.pngBraintel, one of the most popular Voip providers in the Middle East has had its operating license suspended by the government of Pakistan, according to several reports.

In what appears to be the culmination of a long-running regulatory dispute, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority suspended Braintel’s license to operate as a telecom provider in Pakistan and threatened to issue levies against the company for losses the State run teleco allegedly suffered as a result of nearly 2.5 million minutes of international phone traffic Braintel terminated in violation of Pakistan’s telecommunications laws in a six week period from mid-May through June of 2008.

Download a pdf of the PTA’s determination against Braintel here.

The move by government authorities comes amid a current “boom” in fiber distribution in Pakistan. Companies such as Mobilink, TWA, Nayatel, Multinet, Wateen Telecom, Brain Tel and PTCL are all active in deploying a huge fiber network to meet the country’s 165 million citizens’ demand for Fiber to the Home/Premise/Business (FTXX).


  1. Amir Wayn says:

    The present govt of Zardari doesn’t want any private sector compnay to be more popular than the PTA (which has no brain and unable to initiate project like Braintel). All I would say is the suspension is nothing but a jellousy of a monopolistic PTA toward Braintel (who in a short span of time did a fantastic work)
    We all Pakistanis living aboraod were very happy to have such service from BrainTel.

  2. Asif-Kuwait says:

    I am also a user of braintel
    No one (any other comppany) can give their customer the cheapest rates like braintel
    We will wait for you “OUR BRAINTEL”
    Braintel: 2101954

  3. Halaku Khan says:

    Once a person lost his horse. After making long failed attempts to find it, finally he start thinking like a horse and then left his house like a horse and afterward shortly found him close to his lost horse.
    I think it right time that braintel should also start usage of ‘brain’ and before starting this process must read the following:
    I think any of the following ‘strategies’ should equally work well.
    1) Find an appropriate front man of president or prime Minster or chief of army staff.
    2) Make deal with Taliban (s) to restore this service (this may be more appropriate as PTA authority would not prefer getting ‘beheaded’ from backside of the neck).
    3) Immediately start joint venture with AWT (army welfare trust).