Linksys Brings Security Controls to the Home Router


Linksys and Trend Micro announced Monday they are adding Home Network Defender internet security software to a pair of Linksys consumer grade wireless routers, to help block out unsafe sites before any computer on a home network can get to them.

The Linksys WRT310N and WRT610N will now feature software that denies access to any site it deems unsafe based on a set of predetermined criteria and constantly talks to Trend Micro servers to determine how secure a site is.

Users will be able to adjust the sensitivity level of the filter and/or filter out specific sites as they see fit. Should Linksys flag a site as unsafe that a user thinks shouldn’t be so designated, they will have to notify Linksys for reconsideration.

In addition to providing security against Web threats such as online fraud, scams, phishing schemes, predators and viruses, Home Network Defender enables parental controls and provides network user-activity reporting for each PC, online game console, Wi-Fi enabled phone, and personal media player on a home network.

The software will carry an annual service charge of $59.99, with a 30-day complimentary trial. For the next 60 days, users can purchase the service on new routers or upgrade firmware on existing WRT310N and WRT610N routers for a $10 discount.