Modu Debuts Innovative Take on Mobile Phone


Modu, the Israeli phone maker, looks finally ready to deliver on its $85 million in VC funding.

The company’s secret sauce is is a tiny modular phone that can be slipped into different device “jackets”— like an MP3 player, GPS, bigger cell phone, car stereo, or digital camera.

The world’s lightest mobile phone, according to Guinness, comes with fully mobile functionality but also sports a music player and 2GB of storage. It’s got a seven-key keypad to perform basic functions even without a jacket, but it’s really the jackets that make the product unique.

Modu’s jacket line-up includes:

* Night jacket: inspired by the nightlife scene, this jacket includes futuristic styling with an edgy keypad, flashing lights, night mode imaging and a unique graphical user interface
* Street-art jacket: capturing the expressive and vibrant street art scene, this jacket fea tures stereo speak ers and dedicated music keys for a powerful music experience
* Classic jacket: designed to fit the everyday needs of a modern lifestyle, this jacket carries all essential mobile communication features with an air of elegance and fine taste
* Express jacket: this jacket transforms the modu phone and user interface with a rain bow of fun, playful flavors

Modu will be a featured attraction at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the company plans to deliver more news on global distribution of its products, announcment of a significant initial order; partnership agreements; new product news; and manufacturing and production capabilities.

Modu was founded in 2007 by Dov Moran, the inventor of the USB Flash Drive (he was the founder, Chairman and CEO of M-systems, acquired by SanDisk Corp for $1.6B at the end of 2006).

In case you were wondering how they got that $85 million in VC funding.

Via TechCrunch