Polycom’s New, Affordable Video Conferencing System

Polycom announced availability of a new, affordable video conferencing system aimed at small businesses. The QDX 6000 video conferencing system promises high quality DVD resolution video and CD quality audio along with simple-to-use content sharing capabilities, and, according to company information can be deployed, maintained and used “without the need for IT support.”

With a data sheet reporting high resolution video from bandwidth starting as low as 256 kbps, the system features Polycom’s Lost Packet Recovery™ technology that maintains quality video and audio quality across a user’s network or the public Internet with as much as 10% packet loss. With a 256Kbps connection, the system can support 20 frames per second video; at 384Kbps it supports 30 fps video.

The QDX 6000 system includes a codec, two microphones, a 4CIF standard definition camera, remote control and cables. It does not support telepresence, the immersive audio/video technology that creates the illusion participants are sitting across the table from each other, but it is compatible with videoconferencing gear made by Lifesize, Tandberg, Sony and Aethra.

It supports video standards H.261, H.263 and H.264. Audio, video and data stream encryption is supported through AES Encryption.

Priced in the $3000 range.