Calliflower Brings Full-Featured Conference Calling to iPhone

Iotum is taking its innovative Calliflower conference calling application mobile with a free application for iPhone and iPod Touch on Apple’s iTunes AppStore, the company announced Tuesday.

Calliflower makes organizing and participating in multi-party calls simple and engaging by allowing participants to see the status of other callers, and features interactive chat, intuitive conference controls, recordings, call archives, invitations and reminders, integration with calendars, and more.

“We’re liberating Calliflower conference calling from the desktop and extending all of its features to the world’s most powerful mobile device,” Iotum CEO Alec Saunders told Voxilla. “We had to reread some of the iPhone’s UI requirements in order to get Apple to approve the app, but we feel it faithfully recreates on the mobile platform what over 200,000 users have come to appreciate about the web-based app.”

One useful feature of the web app that won’t be found (yet) on the iPhone is Calliflower’s document-sharing functionality. “It’s Flash-based,” Saunders told us, “so we’ll have to wait for Flash on the iPhone before we get document sharing.”

Users can create a new Calliflower account directly from the free app on the iPhone, or existing Calliflower users can simply log in using their current Calliflower account.