Report Shows VoIP Provider Downturn

Communications market research firm Infonetics released a 4Q08 Service Provider Routers and Switches report this week that shows a mixed bag of good and bad news. "At the end of a great 2008 we saw the effects of carrier cautiousness" across all grades of routers and switches, in what is normally a strong quarter for the Service Provider market, said Michael Howard, Principal Analyst for Infonetics' Optical, Routing, Switching and Ethernet division. Worldwide service provider router and … [Read more...]

eComm Conferences In the Visionaries


Voxilla readers are invited to take advantage of special discount pricing to attend eComm 2009, the conference on emerging technologies dedicated to "rethinking" the trillion dollar telecommunications industry happening next week at the San Francisco Airport Marriott, March 3 -5. With a stated goal of discovering and presenting ways to fill the gap between what telecom operators are doing (or allowing) and what the innovation community COULD do, conference organizer Lee Dryburgh hopes to … [Read more...]

Review: TrapCall Caller ID Unblocking Services


TrapCall, a new CallerID unblocking service from TelTech Systems, offers a convenient, easy to use (and free) method for US-based AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers to discover information about who is calling them and blacklist those callers they don't want to hear from. In addition, TrapCall subscribers can sign up for paid monthly service add-ons that will transcribe voicemail to text and send it in SMS and/or email, provide the calling telephone number's billing name and address, and allow … [Read more...]

Braintel’s License Suspended in Pakistan


Braintel, one of the most popular Voip providers in the Middle East has had its operating license suspended by the government of Pakistan, according to several reports. In what appears to be the culmination of a long-running regulatory dispute, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority suspended Braintel's license to operate as a telecom provider in Pakistan and threatened to issue levies against the company for losses the State run teleco allegedly suffered as a result of nearly 2.5 million … [Read more...]