Global IP Solutions to Power Citrix Voice Processing

Global IP Solutions (GIPS), the San Francisco-based provider of IP communications voice processing technology, added Citrix Systems' GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar products to an already impressive customer list Monday. GoToMeeting, probably the best-known web conferencing solution on the market at this this point, and its larger-capacity sister product GoToWebinar, stand to get much longer looks from many businesses in the contracting global economic climate, as companies look for ways to bring … [Read more...]

Will FCC Soon Take a New Look at VoIP Regulation?

The FCC is none too happy with Comcast's modifications to broadband traffic monitoring and could be on the verge of publishing new regulations designed to settle a hotly contested area of net neutrality policy, according to a new post at dslReports. For more than a year now, Comcast has has been at the center of a storm of controversy stemming from the broadband service provider's throttling certain kinds of internet traffic. In the wake of an FCC investigation into the matter, Comcast … [Read more...]

Is the 2009 VoIP Surge Theory Correct?


Don Witt, President of cyLogistics, theorizes the stock market meltdown and slowing economy will actually spur faster VoIP growth during 2009, according to an article he wrote recently for TMCnet. Witt bolsters his theory with many of the same arguments used to promote the idea of a VoIP explosion in the years before the economy started to crumble, namely that competition would lead businesses to cut costs and that one of the easiest places to cut costs was to look to the company phone … [Read more...]

Conjungo Launches SMB VoIP Guides


Conjungo, a goovy web-based technology supplier search portal, has announced a series of new VoIP guides for SMB decision makers. The VoIP guides are part of the company's "Go Understand" series of resources to help users learn about today's technology and its business benefits. Conjungo also aims to help its users find local technology suppliers and access buyer centric services, as well as get the latest Green technology developments and related news coverage. David Cruse, Conjungo's … [Read more...]