Nearly 16 Million Skype Users Were the Most-Ever Monday

Almost 16 million Skype users were logged in just before 11 a.m. Pacific time Monday, making it the highest number of simultaneous users ever according to Skype Journal, which credited user Jim Courtney for reporting the number.

15,996,686 bettered the 15.5 million logged-in mark achieved on January 12 and serves to underscore the increasing popularity of the IP communications service founded in 2003.

Perhaps eBay’s $2.6 Billion purchase price will make sense one day, though Skype’s 4th Quarter revenue numbers indicate that day could still be a ways over the horizon.

The company’s revenue growth appears to be flattening, as seen in the chart at left, registering just a 1.2% growth in $US, despite an 18% growth in Skype Out minutes during the period. As blogger Jean Mercier notes, it may reflect the low-margin nature of Skype Out “calling plans” favored by many users.

Whatever the underlying cause, Skype’s revenue per user account showed a discernible downturn, falling below levels last seen in Q3 2006.