Conjungo Launches SMB VoIP Guides

Conjungo, a goovy web-based technology supplier search portal, has announced a series of new VoIP guides for SMB decision makers.

The VoIP guides are part of the company’s “Go Understand” series of resources to help users learn about today’s technology and its business benefits. Conjungo also aims to help its users find local technology suppliers and access buyer centric services, as well as get the latest Green technology developments and related news coverage.

David Cruse, Conjungo’s chief executive officer, said VoIP has been “a de-facto requirement for larger enterprises for over a decade,” but added
the decline in VoIP software licensing costs over the last few years has led to a dramatic rise in SMBs adopting VoIP.

“For many small business users, it is difficult to get independent advice and to understand what these technologies mean in business terms,” explained Mr Cruse.

“Our new guides provide a useful resource, written in clear English, to help buyers find the best solution without bias towards any particular vendor or service.”

Conjungo’s VoIP Guides cover the basics of VoIP in a general sense, offer tips for buying and installing VoIP-cabable hardware, weigh the pros and cons of Hosted VoIP and offer a number of case studies describing VoIP in action at various companies.

Perhaps the arrival of Conjungo is evidence of the long-awaited explosion in VoIP adoption, most recently predicted by Don Dewitt, of cyLogistics, to be a sure thing for 2009.


  1. Cory says:

    Not to knock em, I am all for SMB education, but their VoIP content seems as though it was generated / compiled by someone with very little actual practical knowledge of the technology or the industry.

    This section, in particular, is a bit of a mess and a bit misleading I think for the type of audience they are looking to cultivate.

    I thought we were past the point of the stated value proposition of IP Communications being “cheap calls”. I get a little irritated when an organization aspires to be a standard bearer for a technology or industry and doesn’t put any time into making sure their messaging is appropriate.

    I spend a lot of time having to re-educate consumers who have obtained their foundational understanding of VoIP from sites like Conjungo.

    That being said good read and really glad to have you guys back in the fray.