Touchscreen Video Coming to VoIP Phones

A company called Open Peak is developing a touchscreen VoIP phone powered by Intel’s Atom chip.

Open Peak will reportedly use a distribution model relying on local cable and phone service providers – the device will not be found in stores – to move its digital picture frame-like base unit and four-to-six standard candybar extension phones. The system will connect to home networks via ethernet or WiFi.

The Open Frame 2.0 will make VoIP calls, but also support movies, search and play YouTube videos, and perform a host of other multimedia content tricks via services provided by the local cable or phone service provider.

A unit with wired handsets will be sold to hotels and other commercial establishments.

I can’t say as I’m dying to request one of these from Comcast or AT&T anytime soon, but it will be interesting to see how the Atom chip may be utilized to bring other touchscreen amazements to, if you’ll pardon the pun, more “open” VoIP devices.