iRiver Runs Up an All-In-One Flag at CES

Early reports from CES indicate some buzz around iRiver’s Wave Home multimedia/communications hub, a Voip-enabled all-in-one device intended to be the center of your kitchen or home office communications platform.

With a 7-inch 800×480 touch screen built into the unit along with a detachable wireless handset and speakerphone for VoIP calls, you can make calls from the phone or an onscreen virtual keypad. The device supports video calls as well.

The Wave Home can access the Web, photos, music, and videos, and it sports an FM radio (though no iPod or other MP3 player dock) and built-in speakers that you just know can’t sound that great.

The device connects via 10/100 ethernet and requires a wired power source rather than using batteries. No support for WiFi, but it will send SMS and MMS messages (including handwritten notes and video messages) and it has an onboard address book, notepad and calendar.

Currently in proto-type mode, iRiver says it will be available “sometime in 2009” and priced around $400.

More pics and a hands-on review from CES are up at Slashgear.