Mumbai Terrorists Used VoIP to Coordinate November Attacks

Officials gathering evidence in the ongoing investigation into terrorist attacks that gripped the Indian city of Mumbai this past November report at least one of the terrorists on the ground communicated with his Pakistan-based superiors using phone service interconnected through a US VoIP provider, according to a report at Network World.

Controller/handlers based in Pakistan used a virtual number issued by US provider CallPhonex to contact a mobile phone used by one of the terrorists in Mumbai. “This conversation was intercepted and, thereafter, all calls made through the virtual number were also intercepted and recorded,” according to a dossier of information released by officials investigating the attacks in India.

CalPhonex issues phone numbers from 35 different countries. When the the numbers are dialed within those countries, calls are free even though the party receiving the call may actually be loacted in another country.

In the case of the Pakistan-based handlers, they could call the terrorist using a local Pakistan number and be connected via CallPhonex’s network to the terrorist’s cell phone. The CallPhonex network can terminate calls with either VoIP, cell or traditional landline phones.

If the handlers were trying to call one of the terrorists on his cell phone, they would dial his Cellphonex-issued number and the Cellphonex network would bridge the call to the terrorist’s cell phone number.

If the handlers had VoIP phones or softphones they could place the call from anywhere they could get an Internet connection.

CallPhonex had no response to reporters’ inquiries regarding the case.

Via Network World