Cisco Opens Up To Open Source


Image © Victor Gregorio Networking and telecom hardware giant Cisco Systems is now squarely aiming its product line at the Asterisk PBX market segment and other open-source products, apparently ending a long-standing unspoken strategy of exclusive support for proprietary telecommunications systems. Cisco officials now openly say support for standards used in open source communications software -- such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) -- is a good business strategy for the … [Read more...]

What’s the SCORE with Social Communications?

Newsgator, the increasingly popular web-based RSS aggregator and purveyor of social media tools, announced an interesting online tool Thursday to help companies assess the need for social computing and communications in the enterprise. With more and more businesses exploring social computing options including collaboration platforms, company intranets and other mechanisms for gathering information from and disseminating it to large groups of people and teams, Newsgator's online survey looks … [Read more...]

Can Cisco Save the Planet?


Cisco announced this week an update to the operating system powering its ubiquitous Catalyst servers that will allow customers to monitor and regulate the energy consumption of any device connected to the network. Dubbed EnergyWise, the free update to IOS is Cisco's contribution to the Green Revolution infusing nearly every aspect of global existence today, especially in the realm of big businesses with branding aspirations, each of which wants to be perceived as working to combat the scourge … [Read more...]

Nearly 16 Million Skype Users Were the Most-Ever Monday


Almost 16 million Skype users were logged in just before 11 a.m. Pacific time Monday, making it the highest number of simultaneous users ever according to Skype Journal, which credited user Jim Courtney for reporting the number. 15,996,686 bettered the 15.5 million logged-in mark achieved on January 12 and serves to underscore the increasing popularity of the IP communications service founded in 2003. Perhaps eBay's $2.6 Billion purchase price will make sense one day, though Skype's … [Read more...]