10 Technology Companies to Watch in 2009

As the changing of the guard in Washington, DC approaches, all eyes are on President Barack Obama's new administration, looking for clues to how bad the economic downturn might get before things improve, and how long the pain may last. Looking toward an uncertain future, then, a couple of things are worth noting. Even as the effects of instability in the nation's banking system and inflationary excesses worked to unhinge the housing market, technology has largely limped along since the "dot … [Read more...]

5 Great Communications Innovations – 2008 Edition


In 2008 communications went truly mobile and truly global, extending a trend that's been building for several years, to be sure - but in the great tradition of year-end list making, I'm making the call on 5 innovations that pushed the boundaries, set the bar and served to point the way toward the future of how people will stay in touch tomorrow. 1. iPhone 3G Some might say the Apple smartphone was a 2007 innovation, but the 2nd iteration supporting the 3G network protocol rocked the mobile … [Read more...]

Can VoIP Survive the Post-VON Era?


The big news on the trade show front this week, of course, is Apple's announcement that next month will mark the company's final appearance at the Macworld Conference and Expo, which has served as the premier Apple-oriented trade show event for nearly 25 years. Roiling the waters further, Steve Jobs decided this year to hand over Keynote Address responsibilities to Apple's nominative number two man, Phil Schiller, the company's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. Schiller … [Read more...]

Are Videophones About to Blow Up?


Are you ready for the coming videophone service revolution? You've no doubt heard the business world is all in a tizzy about the contracting economy, but perhaps you didn't know that some of the more savvy titans of industry have been saving costs by convening through video teleconference for a while now. And the trend may be spilling over into the consumer market, as people find it harder to travel to see far-off relatives for birthdays, anniversaries and whatnot. If you're a videophone … [Read more...]