CommBytes 9/19/07

Free World Dialup wants FaceBook users to try its new voicemail via FaceBook. FWD President Dan Berninger tells more about it. 

Ottowa-based Pika technologies launched its Asterisk-PBX-in-a-box appliance this week, joining Fonality and SwitchVox in this market. The device will be shown at AstriCon next week and start shipping in January 2008. 

Communigate launched new version of its unified communications client interface, Pronto! Version 1.2 delivers new call control and calendaring features, including “click to call” and shared calendars. 

Siemens has a new 2-line hybrid PSTN-VoIP phone, the C460, that works without a PC. It’s debuting in Great Britain. 

I’m not sure it’s a good marketing concept to give your product a name that makes people think of a 1960s spy spoof. Be that as it may, “talkcaster” TalkShoe is now offering a VoIP service that lets you call up to 250 people at a time and lets “thousands” more listen in. Would you believe…

Dameon Welch-Abernathy reviews MyToGo’s extra for Skype-enabling mobile phones. Bottom line: it only runs on Windows and apparently is complicated to set up.

AT&T is preparing to roll out WiMax in the southern U.S., according to Unstrung.

Sprint customers now have location-aware mobile content search, thanks to an alliance with Microsoft. No additional cost for Sprint data service customers, according to the press release. It’s almost enough to get me to sign up again. Three years ago I tried Sprint’s data service and the experience gave new meaning to the word disappointment. 

User generated content is growing up. HP recently launched a YouTube-like site for its employees that lets them create and share business-related content. FeedRoom created the site. Check it out here

VoiceXML applications are truly portable, reports Internet Telephony’s John Joseph.

Network World’s Greg Royal thinks mobile VoIP has a hard row to hoe because first, providers have no interest in helping customers reduce their phone bills. Second, for U.S. customers, it’s a solution in search of a problem. 

There are still VoIP skeptics. One is Information Week’s Phil Britt, who says that VoIP may not be the right choice for some businesses. Most of his arguments are valid…in Somalia. For example, VoIP doesn’t work over dialup. 

Using a cellphone a lot slows down your brain according to a study in the September issue of the International Journal of Neuroscience. The upside is that you focus better from all that practice making phone calls in noisy places.