Worming Skype

Poor Skype. As if the outage a few weeks ago wasn’t enough, a Windows worm called Pykspa.d is catching a ride on Skype IM, according to this report in PC World.


  1. voipy says:

    It means, we cant depend on Skype now.

  2. hydrodynemx@gmail.com says:

    I am using Wild Blue. can Skype work on satellite, at 1.5mps down and 256kps up?
    Is there a fundamental difference between use of Vonage and use of skype reguarding the latency issue?
    Folks in the hotel industry in Onterio have got Vonage working by satellite-“acceptable”. I am still struggling. I have made successful calls on a few occasions. I revieve well, except for a tolerable lag–1/2 sec. perhaps But call out seldom works. Pure garbage on reception side.
    Can tweeking the PAP2 help. How about the phone hand set-whats best, does it matter. Vonage control panes was ajusted to 30 bandwith.
    Using a Linksys router-g Would straight in / out of commputer be better?
    Folks in Canada are using babyTEL and xplorenet Satellite. The dumped Hughes in disgust and anger. Very happy with Wild Blue-me to.
    I am desperate for solution……….. if one exists. But I have had a few call that were ……normal!! And after1 minute, deteriorated.

    Is perhaps another VOiP provider, like babyTel a possible answer??
    Or not a pap2 but something else??. Will Skype work where Vonage is incapable?? Help………..