CommBytes 9/10/07

Today Fonality debuted the $999 trixbox® Pro Asterisk-in-a-box appliance for SMBs. The new offering will let resellers install customers systems faster by eliminating the need to install software on a separate server, according to Fonality CEO Chris Lyman. 

FierceVoIP has a matched set of interviews with ooma founder Andrew Frame and PhoneGnome founder David Beckmeyer, contrasting the two devices. I say feature, you say drawback

Last week Vyke launched a re-engineered Java-based version of its VoIP calling service for mobile phones, Vyke Mobil. It works pretty much the same way as its predecessor. 

Andy Abramson reports that ooma’s warts are showing, pointing to a post by Jonathan Greene. Warning: the link to Greene freezes FireFox and crashes Safari. 

VoIP customers are finding out exactly what it means to rely on an unregulated telephone service, the Baltimore Sun reports. That’s why I not about to cut the landline. 

More bad news for Palm: The New York Times’ Joe Nocera discusses his buyer’s remorse about the Palm Treo 700 he bought earlier this year. 

The Apple iPhone — which just passed the one million mark in sales, proving, IMHO, P.T. Barnum’s famous dictum — may have the collateral effect of making manufacturers start thinking seriously about touch-screens and Wi-Fi for their phones. So says Tom Meredith of Motorola in this EE Times story.