Voice Gets Embedded

Since the dawn of VoIP, evangelists have been telling us that it's not the cheap phone calls that make VoIP so compelling, it's the opportunity to do so much more with voice communications.  But let's face it, beyond sending voicemail to email, VoIP still doesn't do much more than make phone calls. Voice communications are still pretty standalone for the vast majority of us. However, developers are starting to take note of voice as an IT "service."  This year's AjaxWorld West is … [Read more...]

CommBytes 8/28/07

I guess we now know why Earthlink's much-hyped metro WiFi never saw the light of day. The company today announced massive cuts in its operations and workforce – among the casualties is Donald Berryman, executive vice president and president of municipal networks. Could the company's recent red ink have anything to do with the fact that Earthlink was charging about $50 a month for DSL when the competition was charging $25? The Biz Journal has the details. … [Read more...]

Skype Gets Lessons from Murphy

The most entertaining explanation I've heard about last week's Skype outage is this posting from Rostislav Siryk in his blog: "Skype’s outage is ...[a] natural consequence of quantum physics. Because users [are] like atoms." In other words, it's within the realm of possibility that all the world's PCs will download a Microsoft update and reboot at the identical moment. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw an object move by itself as a result of all its atoms just … [Read more...]

Linksys retires the PAP2

Linksys officially retired the PAP2. This shouldn't be a big deal to most consumers as the PAP2 was more expensive than and not as functional as the PAP2T. The retirement of the PAP2 may be an issue for service providers wanting uniform customer equipment. … [Read more...]